Adult Pleasure

Many adults tend to believe and expect that sex will flow easily and naturally. This is however very different from what happens in reality. Truth is, there are many factors that can interfere with an

adult’s enjoyment of sex. These include messages received from family members, schools, media and religion, assault and sexual abuse.

For an adult to experience great sexual pleasure, they will need to be present both in their feelings as well as the body. He/she will need to express himself/herself fully and let go. Finding ways to feel comfortable can help. For a working adult, making the switch from a busy working day to abruptly indulging into sex with the partner can feel pretty uncomfortable. However, touching lovingly, planting gentle kisses on each other and no-sexual caresses can get our partner into the mood making the transition slightly more pleasurable. As an adult, there are several things that can make sexual activity more fun and enjoyable.

Become present in your body – feel all the sensations in the body.

To increase your sexual pleasure, you will have to learn how to stay focused on the rhythm of your breathing. Always practice deep breathing (belly)

Discover yourself

Play/pleasure yourself from time to time trying to understand what makes you tick and then request it to when you are making love. This will increase the pleasure.

Let go of any expectations that you may have

As an adult, it must have hit you by now that sex is not as perfect as movies make it feel. There are a lot of flaws in it. There is no need to act in a particular way. Just be yourself and act in a way that feels right to you.

Be patient

It does not help constantly pushing yourself to where you think you should be at (with regards to pleasure). As a matter of fact, what it does, it slows down the process of getting to your destination

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